At the center of Mario’s Italian Eatery is a food lover returning to his roots.  As previous co-owner of Giacomo’s Italian Market in Easton, PA, Mario N. Famularo’s passion and vast knowledge of food are impressive to all. Mario hails from five generations of butchers and his uncle and cousin still own and operate a family butcher shop in Santo Stefano di Camastra, Sicily. Mario also learned from the best in the business, his parents, Giacomo and Gina Famularo.  After arriving in the US in 1964, they set goals for their family to maintain the strength of a dedicated family business, a solid work ethic and limitless business knowledge.


Mario had a vision of continuing to serve quality food at the beach and decided to open Jack’s Beach Grille in Beach Haven LBI, NJ in 2015. He eventually built a spot where you could dine-in, take-out or get delivery while you sunbathe on the beach.


There is more than just knowledge for food and business behind Mario’s Italian Eatery. There’s a story. Mario’s young son, Giacomo (aka Jack), was affected by ASD (Atrial Septal Defect), which is a hole in the wall that separates the top two chambers of the heart. At the age of two, Jack had to undergo a successful open-heart surgery. After this experience, it was vital for Mario to spend more time with his family. Mario was certain that Easton would be the location he would ultimately return for his new family business, Mario’s Italian Eatery.


David M. Siwy, Mario’s business partner and college roommate, has also been in the restaurant business for over a dozen years. He started at the Lion’s Den bar in State College, PA while attending Penn State. He then continued working in the restaurant industry before finally ending up at Bacco Italian Restaurant in North Wales, PA. He had helped open Bacco and was instrumental in putting together the bar area, menu/pricing and staff. David received his Penn State degree in Marketing and Management and then received his MBA from Temple University. David has a passion for superior food and ingredients and a knack for business as the current owner of another business.


David believes that his life-long friendship with Mario (over 25 years), coupled with his business acumen in many aspects of the restaurant business, will provide a very successful establishment for many years. The passion that they both possess will result in quality food and products with unapparelled personalities to keep people returning over and over again. He feels that high quality food, a great location with a welcoming ambiance and the exuberance they have will be just what the Simon Silk Mill, Easton and the surrounding areas need.

Italian Deli Ham


"Went today for the first time and was greeted by a super friendly owner (Mario). The Italian food is the real deal and the place is clean, organized and presents beautifully. Can't say enough about how badly a place like this is needed in the area. Looking forward to many return visits!"